COMIDAT - Safety Technology for Mining!

50+ Happy Mining Companies

There are more than 50 Mining Operations that actively use Comidat Underground Personnel Tracking Systems in their operations. More than 30 companies, each one extremely satisfied with the stable operation of the system and the service they receive.Comidat have The Best Service Reference in Turkey's. You can contact us for more information.

4000+ Miner Head Lamps Sales

4 New Products from Turkey's Miner Head Lamp Manufacturer ... We added MBL-6Ex, MBL-3.5Ex and MBL-8Ex next to the MBL-6L Corded and MBL-3.5L Cordless Miner Head Lights, which reached more than 4000 sales figures in just 2 years. Detailed information for our Head Lamps, which provide up to 24 hours of operation depending on the model thanks to their long-lasting battery structure, is at the link below.

200000+ meters Underground Life Lines

Our Life Lines Products built on Polypropylene and Steel Rope produced in accordance with the provisions of the "Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to be Applied in Underground Mining Facilities" have been sold over 200000 meters until to date.

Online Shop Site for Mining Equipments of Turkey

Online Shop Site for Mining Equipments of Turkey

Online, clearness, transparency. Our all products are too close to you.

C2C Platform For Mining Equipment of Turkey

C2C Platform For Mining Equipment of Turkey on MADENCIDEN.COM is online. You can sell your own equipments and buy used and new mining equipments from miners on this site.

ENELEX Coal Quality Managmanet Systems

The Comidat is the representative company of ENELEX that the Producer of Online Coal Analysers, Automatic Samplers, Auger Samplers, Coal Stock Managment Systems, Fire Prevention System with Thermal Cameras.