COMIDAT - #UseMask #KeepDistance


"A Brand Was Born In This Land, Opening To The World!"

Our mining adventure started in 2000, in 2014, COMIDAT brand was established in order to produce DOMESTIC products instead of IMPORT products used by mining enterprises and to change the usage habits of the users, and it has continued to grow by expanding its product range and increasing its quality.

Derived from the English words "COMMUNICATION" and "DATA", COMIDAT has been created as a brand that fully expresses our vision.

Our logo, which we designed inspired by our crescent-star flag, expresses the local, our, and from us.

Our PRODUCTION process was started with that motivation: If They Did It, We Will Do Better! , in the elapsed time that our motivation was evolved to: Unfollow, Be Followed!

With the decision we made in May 2020, we continue to grow by becoming a COMPANY and moving our Production and Trade to a new stage.

As we continue our way by adding a new product to our portfolio every moment, our next goal is to sell Turkish goods to the whole world. We are proud of the success we have achieved domestically and we are working harder to make our COMIDAT brand a world-renowned brand.

Adress:Altıevler Mahallesi Uz Sokak No:11 35320 Narlıdere - İzmir / Turkey
Phone and Fax:+90 (232) 259 78 21 / +90 (850) 305 12 42
TAX Office and Number:Balçova VD / 2111252684
Member of Chamber:İzmir Ticaret Odası / 2042891
Mersis No:0211125268400001
Trade Register No:218300